Sensory evaluation of Chinese tea

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Sensory evaluation of tea is a technical evaluation work based on people’s subjective feelings. Specific external conditions, unified evaluation equipment and standardized evaluation procedures are the premise and guarantee to ensure the successful completion of tea sensory evaluation.

1.Tea evaluation equipment

  • Cylindrical cup

Function: suitable for green tea, black tea, yellow tea, dark tea and white tea sensory evaluation 

  • Covered bowl

Function: suitable for oolong tea sensory evaluation

  • tea plate for appearance evaluation

Function: observe the appearance of tea

  • Timer, balance, tea cup, etc

2.Water for tea evaluation

The quality identification of tea must be made by boiling water. Therefore, the quality of water has a great influence on tea, especially on the color, aroma and taste of tea liquid.

Combined with the current situation of water resources in China, as long as the physical, chemical and health indicators meet the requirements of Chinese Hygienic Standard for Drinking Water(GB5749-2006), the pH value of water is between 5.5 and 6.5, the hardness is less than 10, and the water which is colorless, transparent, sediment free and impurity free can be used for tea evaluation.

When evaluating tea, the standard of water temperature is 100 ℃. When the water boils, make it immediately. If boiling water is used excessively or repeatedly, the quality of tea liquid will be affected.

3.The basic procedure of tea evaluation

  • observe the tea appearance
  • brew the tea
  • smell the aroma,
  • see the color of tea liquid
  • taste
  • see the brewed tea leaves.

4.Sensory evaluation factors

Sensory evaluation items of tea usually include appearance, aroma, liquid color, taste and brewed tea leaves. According to the actual situation of tea production and marketing areas in the world, they have different emphasis on the factors of tea evaluation.

In China, there are many kinds of tea with different qualities. Because of their different appearance and quality characteristics, their evaluation methods and factors are also different. If you want to know more about tea evaluation, you can contact with China Tea Marketing Association. Tea lovers from all over the world are welcomed to communicate with us and enjoy the world tea.

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