The Flourishing Age Facilitating the Inheritance of Chinese Tea

January 30, 2024 No Comments Chairman’s speech ctma

Chairman’s speech

The tea has a refreshing and elegant flavor, allowing you to experience the charm of tea culture with every sip. Tea, as the world’s top three natural beverages, has witnessed the diverse and continuous development of culture and civilization. It is the healthiest and most harmonious gift that the Chinese people have offered to the world. In China, tea connects millions of tea farmers with billions of consumers. Behind every cup of tea, it embodies the unique charm of tea-growing regions, the hard work of tea farmers, and the relentless efforts of tea enterprises, telling the tea story of consolidating poverty alleviation achievements and promoting rural revitalization in the new era.

Time flies, we stick to our original intention. Although the journey of tea Development is long, we still move forward bravely. Under the support and assistance of higher authorities, tea related governments, and members, with the attention and encouragement of society, China tea marketing association has entered its 31st year since its establishment during the seventh council session. It has become the first national-level 5A association in the tea industry. The 31 years old association is young but mature because the tea industry we rooted in and served has integrated into the era through ever-richer innovation and connotation. On the new journey of comprehensively building a socialist modernized country, we strive to write a new chapter in serving and building a new economic pattern.

Since its establishment, the association has always adhered to the comprehensive leadership of the Party, keeping in mind the series of important speeches and guiding principles on the tea industry, sticking to the purpose of “playing the role of industry intermediary and serving the Chinese tea industry”, and worked diligently in functions such as management coordination, bridging production and sales, consulting and evaluation, and cooperative exchanges. We focus on the thought of comprehensive development of tea culture, tea industry and tea technology and aim to improve quality and efficiency. We closely rely on the government, unite our members, and keep a foothold in the industry and uphold integrity to embrace innovation and take bold actions. We grow synchronously with Chinese tea industry, exert force in the same direction, and tackle common challenges together. We bravely shoulder the responsibility of being a leader and spokesperson in the industry.

The new journey is an expedition full of dreams and glory. Despite the changes in the times and adjustments in the industry structure and new challenges Chinese tea industry and tea organizations facing, we firmly believe that guided by the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and with the strong support from all member institutions and colleagues in the tea industry, China Tea Marketing Association will overcome all difficulties and move forward courageously for a new chapter for high-quality development of Chinese tea industry.

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