2023 “Belt and Road” Qingzhuan Tea Exhibition Came to a Successful Conclusion

December 4, 2023 No Comments CTMA News, News ctma

Recently, the 2023 “Belt and Road” Chibi Qingzhuan Tea Exhibition was held in Chibi City, Xianning, Hubei Province.

With the theme of advocating tea culture, thriving tea economy, promoting tea brands and expanding tea consumption, the exhibition has 60 special booths and 90 standard booths, attracting more than 100 brand tea enterprises to participate in the exhibition. Five exhibition areas are planned: China Famous Tea Brand Exhibition Area, National Regional Public Brand Exhibition Area, Hubei Special Agricultural Products Exhibition Area, Chibi Qingzhuan(Mizhuan) Tea Exhibition Area, and Selected Tea Set Exhibition Area, which have built a good platform for the development of tea industry and the inheritance of tea culture.

During the same period, a number of tea performances, tasting, tea ceremony experience and other colorful activities were also held, which not only appreciated the charm of tea culture, but also effectively promoted the inheritance and development of Chibi Qingzhuan tea culture, and injected new vitality into the sustainable development of the tea industry in Chibi and even the whole country.

The exhibition was held in Chibi City, and a total of 22 local Qingzhuan tea enterprises were invited (including Xian ‘an and Chongyang). According to preliminary statistics, the total field sales reached 8.35 million yuan, online sales (live broadcast) is 1.73 million yuan, processing orders amounted to 6.937 million yuan, contracts and intended orders added up to 221 million yuan, the number of intended customers came to 49, and reached a total sales of 238 million yuan.

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