New Trend in New-style Tea Beverage, 2023

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In the new consumption era, on the basis of improving quality, continuing to understand consumer demand and closely focusing on consumer demand for product innovation will be the first path for new tea brands to break through. So, in 2023, what are the major trends in the product innovation of new-style tea beverage?

Strong aroma of tea dregs

At present, there are two characteristics of tea dregs. One is the flower and fruit aroma of the tea itself, and the other is the aroma after high temperature baking, such as caramel and nut.

The breakthrough of the tea dregs more profound than the popular product itself, is to promote the rapid integration of new-style tea beverage and traditional tea. There are many kinds of tea in China, and the taste is also very different, which brings more changeable possibilities for the innovation of new-style tea beverage.

“Fruit tea” becoming a long-term demand

Rich in VC, with a variety of fresh fruits, sugar options, exquisite packaging and easy access, fruit tea has become a psychological “lifesaver” for young people. Therefore, the development of VC products should be focused on the creation in new selling point of the product. For marketing, the combination of health trend and natural attributes fit with the concept of punk health for most young people today.

“Tea/milk + coffee” becoming a new style

At the brand end, the action of the tea shop selling coffee has been very obvious. Many brands have invested in/created coffee brands and laid out coffee tracks. In terms of products, brand stores specializing in tea and coffee are also emerging. There are also a number of regional chain brands making tea coffee as the main, receiving high praise for tea coffee, sales accounting for 30 to 50 percent. Fruit and coffee colide new sparks with tea. The former is to neutralize the bitterness of coffee with the sweetness of fresh fruit, while the latter is to blend the fragrance of flowers and tea into the coffee. In addition to coffee and tea, when the product is produced and creative, the superposition of the remaining elements can be presented differently according to the brand customer unit price and product positioning. For example, temperature milk, fresh milk, fresh fruit and jam, can be flexibly selected.

Innovative ingredients creating multiple textures

In the context of serious product homogeneity, the addition and innovation of new-style tea beverage of ingredients with high appearance level, new patterns and good taste can meet the rich and diversified matching needs of consumers, which is also one of the important ways for brands to create personalized products, differentiation and a sense of value.

The innovation of ingredients needs to combine the attributes of the product itself, the curiosity demand of consumers, and the development trend of the beverage market.

The first is form innovation, with new raw materials, new practices to improve the original small materials, give new flavor and form.

The second is taste innovation. There are some manufacturers adding wormwood juice and black sesame seeds into taro ball to make sweet green rice ball and sweet dumplings.

Health trend of “zero calorie sugar”

Sweetness has always been a topic. From normal sugar to less sugar, and then from small sugar to no-additional sugar, in addition to the reasons for consumer taste preferences, more options for consumers also makes them adjust the sugar degree. For consumers, “sweet” is not the original sin, they actually care about the calories brought by sugar.

Many brands take sugar control and zero calorie as the main selling point, making it as the entry point for development and growth, and the demand for sugar reduction or even zero calorie sugar in the tea beverage market is accelerating growth.

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