Six common sense you should know when drinking tea

February 16, 2023 No Comments Knowledge ctma
  • Tea drinking season

Drink scented tea in spring, green tea and white tea in summer, oolong tea in autumn, black tea and black tea in winter. Of course, tea with mild nature is suitable all year round, such as Pu’er cooked tea and old white tea.

  • Reasonable consumption of tea

The tea should be moderate in intensity, and no strong tea should be drunk. For adults, the appropriate amount of tea should be 5-15g of dry tea, 8-10 cups of tea, and special treatment should be given to special areas and special groups.

  • Suitable temperature for drinking tea

Drinking hot tea is not recommended. It is easy to burn the oral cavity, throat and esophagus mucosa. Long-term high temperature stimulation is also an inducement of oral and esophageal tumors. It is recommended to drink tea soup at about 60 ℃.

  • Drinking tea for special people

For people with anemia, neurasthenia, hyperthyroidism and other diseases, the lighter the tea, the better. If it is serious, it will not be drunk; Drink black tea, black tea, and old white tea with a long time; People who work in smoking, drinking and radiation environment drink green tea and white tea.

  • Warm and moist brewing

Warm and moistened tea means that before brewing the first course of tea, the tea leaves are moistened with boiling water and then immediately out of the soup. We can also call it wash tea or wake up tea. The raw material of green tea and white tea is tender, and you can brew and drink it directly without warm and moistened tea; After the tea is kneaded or pressed, the warm and moist tea is beneficial to the flavor of the first tea soup.

  • The dual nature of caffeine in tea

Caffeine is the most important alkaloid in tea, which has the effect of refreshing, anti-fatigue and diuretic. However, if it is excessive, it will cause insomnia and stimulate the stomach. Therefore, if you are sensitive to caffeine, do not drink tea before going to bed, do not drink strong tea, do not take tea with medicine.

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