Oolong Tea Brewing Skills

April 12, 2021 No Comments Knowledge, tea brewing skills ctma

In China, different kinds of tea need different tea sets to brew them. As for the Oolong tea, you can use purple clay teapot or Gaiwan, a covered bowl.

  • Wash the teapot with boiling water to raise the temperature of the teapot.
  • Put the tea in the pot, then pour in the boiling water, the ratio of tea to water is 1:20.
  • Scrape the floating white foam. When brewing tea in purple clay teapot, after the lid is closed, the teapot should be drenched with boiling water to keep the temperature of the teapot.
  • The time of brewing tea is determined according to the type of tea. It is generally 15-20s at the first time, and then it is gradually extended to ensure the quality of tea liquid each time.
  • Wipe off the water drops from the bottom of the purple clay teapot or Gaiwan.
  • Pour the tea liquid into the teacup or tea liquid container, all the tea liquid should be distributed in order to avoid affecting the next step.
  • Taste
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