Some informations about tea planting

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The difference between tea that grown in high mountain tea and plain

Tea that grown in high mountain, the buds and leaves are fat, bright green with white hair. The processed tea is firm and plump with white hair exposed. It has rich fragrance, strong taste and strong brewing resistance.

Tea that grown in plain, the buds and leaves are small, the brewed tea is hard and thin, the leaves are flat, yellow green, lack of luster. The processed tea leaves are thin, slightly low in fragrance and light in taste. The reason of their difference is due to the comprehensive influence of climate conditions, soil, environment factors. The natural ecological conditions in high mountain are much more suitable for the growth of tea trees.

What are the main factors affecting the quality of tea?

Tea is suitable to grow in the place with mild climate, abundant rainfall, high humidity, moderate light and fertile soil.

The geographical environment, tea varieties, tea tree age, tea garden fertilization, tea picking parts, tea production season, tea production external climate, tea processing time, tea processing technology all affect the quality of tea.

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