Lovely! 25 tea companies in Meitan donate nearly 500,000RMB tea to Wuhan

March 28, 2020 No Comments Chinese tea industry is in action ctma

On the afternoon of March 5, more than 2600 kilograms, valued at nearly 500,000RMB of “love” tea sent to Wuhan through China Post from Meitan. This tea were donated by 25 loving companies such as Meitan Yangchun Baixue Tea Co., Ltd. and Wofeng Tea Co., Ltd..Cheer for the medical staff in the frontline of Wuhan epidemic prevention and control.

This tea donation was issued by the County Tea Industry Development Center, and received a positive response from the majority of tea companies in Meitan. After the goods arrive in Wuhan, they will be received by Guizhou’s medical team in Wuhan and distributed to the designated hospitals for treatment of new crown pneumonia in Wuhan.

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