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Introduction of China Tea Marketing Association

China Tea Marketing Association (CTMA) was found in 1992. It is a national 5A level(highest level)association in China. And it’s a National Advanced Social Organization, and a Model Organization of National Unity and Progress. For a long time, CTMA has adhered to the purpose of “giving play to the intermediary function and serving Chinese tea industry”, played the functions of management coordination, connecting production and marketing, consulting and evaluation, cooperation and exchange, and carried out a lot of fruitful work in providing industrial planning and policy suggestions, promoting industrial development, circulation and consumption, helping farmers increase income, tea brand building, and standard formulation, etc., which has been widely recognized by the whole society.

The main functions of CTMA are to implement the guidelines and policies on the tea industry, and to supervise the implementation of national policies by our members; Carry out self-discipline in the field of tea industry, formulate industry rules and regulations that the industry jointly observes, standardize the business behavior of tea enterprises, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, and promote the healthy and stable development of the industry; Carry out investigation and research on the domestic and foreign markets, grasp the development status and trend of the global tea industry, and compiling the development plan of the industry; Actively do a good job in price coordination for domestic and foreign trade enterprises, stop unfair competition in the industry, and create a fair and reasonable competitive environment for enterprises; Assist relevant government departments to establish a stable tea standard system and quality supervision system. Assist relevant government departments to participate in the formulation and revision of national tea standards and business specifications. Organize the collection, collation and transmission of domestic and foreign tea information, conduct market analysis and forecasting, carry out information exchange activities and consulting services, and provide information services for members, the whole industry and society. Carry out professional technology, business management and talent training, hold industry technical exchanges and skill competitions, organize the evaluation and application of industry technical achievements, and improve the technical level of the industry and the level of enterprise management; Carry out technical services such as tea physicochemical, microbial, sensory testing and so on; Popularize the knowledge of tea commodities, publicize the value of tea drinking, and promote Chinese tea culture. Hold tea exhibitions, displays, carry out special lectures, print and distribute publicity materials, compile books and other activities; Strengthen ties with domestic and foreign organizations in the tea industry, and carry out foreign cooperation and exchange activities.

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