Tea customs in northern regions of China

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In the north of the Huaihe River in China, although tea is not produced, it has a history of over a thousand years of tea drinking and has also formed local tea drinking customs. The way people in the north drinking tea is not as particular as in the south, mainly to quench their thirst. Therefore, they are accustomed to brewing tea in large teapots and drinking tea from large tea bowls.In the past, tea stalls with large bowls could be seen everywhere on streets, by the roadside, and in the kiosks.In the Lubei Plain of Shandong Province, people of all ages and both sexes drink tea three times a day, without using tea cups, only using large bowls before working.

Shanxi yan tea, popular in the Shanxi region, accounts for about half of the capacity of a teapot. The tea soup is particularly strong and bitter, and visitors from other places generally dare not to drink it.This custom is related to the poor water quality in the local area. In the Tang Dynasty, Lu Yu evaluated the water quality in various regions and believed that “the water in Shanxi is the worst.” It is said in Guxian County, Shanxi Province that after drinking water from Guxian County, the neck becomes thicker and the legs become thinner. To cure the disease, one must drink strong tea. Local people drink“ yan tea” to improve their health.

Assorted Chinese Herbal Tea,which is favored by The Hui minority and other Islamic groups living in the northwest region of China..In addition to tea, Assorted Chinese Herbal Tea also adds rock sugar, longan, goji berries, red dates, chrysanthemums, etc. You can drink while adding water until the sugar being melted and taste fadind. and then eat the longan, goji berries, and red dates in the bowl.

Milk Tea in Kazakh ethnic group of Xinjiang, butter tea of the Zang or Tibetan nationality, ect, the dry and cold natural conditions in the northwest region of China lead to a lack of vegetables, and it is necessary to rely on tea to supplement nutrition and remove greasiness.Therefore, ethnic minorities are indispensable for milk tea and butter tea every day.The method of making butter tea is to cut the brick tea into small pieces, boil them in boiling water for thick soup, filter out the tea leaves, and then add salt, butter, milk, etc.

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