Tea Polysaccharide

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Tea polysaccharide is a kind of component which has important physiological function in tea. According to the research, tea polysaccharide has anti-tumor, blood sugar, blood lipid and other effects. Studies have found that tea contains a variety of active ingredients, of which tea polysaccharide is a very important one.

Tea polysaccharides have anti-tumor effects. Studies have shown that tea polysaccharides can promote the apoptosis of cancer cells by promoting the proliferation of macrophages and T lymphocytes. Tea polysaccharides can also inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells by inducing apoptosis. Studies have found that tea polysaccharides have an inhibitory effect on both normal human liver and lung cancer cells.

Tea polysaccharide can promote the synthesis of glucogen in liver and the secretion of insulin by islet beta cells, and improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin, so as to effectively improve the disorder of glucose metabolism in diabetic patients, inhibit the rise of postprandial blood sugar, and alleviate the symptoms of diabetes complications. Tea polysaccharides can also activate liver glucokinase and inhibit α-glucosidase activity, effectively delay the catabolism of sugars in the liver, and reduce blood sugar levels.

Tea polysaccharide can effectively inhibit the content of triglyceride and cholesterol in serum, promote the synthesis of apolipoprotein in liver, and inhibit the oxidation of low density lipoprotein, so as to play a role in lowering blood lipid. The polysaccharide extracted from tea polyphenols can also improve blood lipid level, reduce the serum triglyceride and total cholesterol content of hyperlipidemia mice, increase the high density lipoprotein cholesterol content, and thus reduce the incidence of atherosclerosis. At the same time, tea polysaccharide can also improve fat metabolism, inhibit the formation of fat cells, inhibit the activity of lipolysis enzyme, so as to achieve the effect of reducing blood lipids and weight loss.

Tea polysaccharide has certain immune regulation function. It can improve the immune state of the body, enhance the immunity of the body and promote the phagocytic function of mononuclear macrophage system and enhance the self-protection ability of the body.

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