Cross-Straits exchanges promoted among youth

December 14, 2022 No Comments Industry News ctma
Guests attend the Straits Youth Festival in Fuzhou, Fujian province, on Saturday. ZHANG BIN/CHINA NEWS SERVICE

By ZHANG YI China Daily
Young people from Taiwan participating in an annual event to boost exchanges across the Taiwan Straits are ready to seize opportunities as the mainland advances Chinese-style modernization.
This year’s Straits Youth Festival, co-hosted by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the All-China Youth Federation and the government of Fujian province, attracted 3,000 young people to attend both in person and online.
The event, which began in Fuzhou of Fujian on Thursday, includes activities involving Chinese traditions, rural vitalization and youth employment.
The festival’s summit was held on Friday and featured communication between young people from both sides of the Straits, talking about their experiences and expectations on the mainland.
Chen Yun-chia, who runs a tea garden in a business park for farmers from Taiwan in Zhangping of Fujian, said the rural vitalization project on the mainland provides a broad platform for young people from Taiwan.
Chiu Hsin-yi, a musician from Taiwan, joined a symphony orchestra in Fuzhou last year and works as its deputy head. The orchestra is composed of musicians from both sides of the Straits, including 11 from Taiwan.
Deciding to stay on the mainland due to the care and support given by the orchestra in both work and life, Chiu said, “I hope more talented and ambitious young people in Taiwan can join us to play music together in Fuzhou.”
This year, Fuzhou offered affordable apartments with comprehensive facilities to people from Taiwan to help them settle in the city, and about 190 people have moved in so far.
One of them, Wang Ting-wei, said: “I often invite my Taiwan friends to visit my home and many of them feel the community is very comfortable. With the apartments, we can integrate into the city faster and concentrate more on our careers.”
Chiu Yi, a cross-Straits expert from Taiwan, said during the event that solving the housing problem shows the mainland’s respect and care for Taiwan compatriots.
During the event, more than 1,700 job opportunities are being offered by 155 employers to young people from Taiwan, and bases will be established to help them set up startups in the sports and music industries, according to the organizers.
Long Mingbiao, deputy director of the Taiwan Affairs Office, said efforts will be made to support Taiwan people to study, work and live on the mainland and participate in the development of Chinese-style modernization.

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