Changes in methods of drinking tea

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China has witnessed thousands of years history in drinking tea, with its vicissitudes and development accompanying with it. During this long time, the way we drink tea has undergone many changes. Due to different times, regions, climates, the ways of drinking tea are also different.

Tea cooking methods are changing with the improvement of tea production technology and the development of tea. Dating back to our earliest discovery of wild tea trees, our ancients used to collect fresh leaves, cook into soup with the pot, and use as potion. The cooking method and utensils are simple. Fresh tea is similar to medicine and tastes bitter.

During the Spring and Autumn Period, tea, as a vegetable, was the same as food, and there was no special cooking method or utensils.Tea is blent with meals to reduce the bitterness. But there still remained some, so it’s called bitter vegetables.

During the Qin and Han dynasties, fresh leaves were processed to reduce bitterness. According to ancient books, fresh leaves were made into tea cake, wrapped in rice and baked into red.The method of drinking is to triturate tea into powder and put it into a porcelain pot, then pour boiling water into it and add spring onion and ginger to season it. In this time, there is a special way to cook it. Tea leaves are mixed with other foods to temper the bitter taste. Drinking tea is part for medicine, part for hospitality.

In the Tang Dynasty, not only scallions and ginger, but also dates and mint were added into tea for flavor. In this way, covered with the smell of grass, people can not taste the real tea fragrance.When the steaming method is adopted, people can get rid of its herbaceous taste, so it gradually become a common drink, and the cooking method also changed greatly.

After the Song Dynasty, people invented a method of steaming green tea. When drinking tea, people used whole leaves without being crushed into powder. Without salt, the original fragrance of tea diffuses in the air.

With the improvement of tea production level and tea quality, brewing is the mainstream of drinking tea.

tea is mainly brewed. Different drinking methods have their specific historical reasons, different types of tea are also suitable for different drinking methods, there is no need to adhere to the established method.

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