Tea,Exterior for Connotation, Precious for Palatability

September 3, 2021 No Comments Knowledge, Tea and Health ctma

China is the hometown of tea and the first country all over the world for tea cultivation and production. Tea has gone through a long time with Chinese nation.

Many tea customers have the similar feeling. Once going down the rabbit hole, it is difficult to quit it. Although I can’t say why, it’s just like a feeling deep-rooted in my heart; For people who start drinking tea,  they don’t know what good tea is, but they always ask people for recommendation.

In fact, what is good tea? Everyone has different requirements for taste. Even if for the same type of tea, some people like it, but others don’t. Some people like bittersweet tea, some people like pure sweet and fragrant tea , some people like tea with heavy smoke, and some people like rich and bitter ones. Before you drink it, you are full of doubt about whether it is good tea, and create all kinds of subconscious uncertainty. However, when you taste it, you will get your own conclusion.

In short, a cup of good tea for yourself depends not only on price, varietiy, environment, processing technology and brewing, but also on our own predestined relationship with tea. Tea is a beverage and its palatability is precious. You know it and it knows you, which is the so-called predestined relationship. Maybe there is no best tea in the world, but there must be one that suits you best.

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