The 2021 “Beijing International Tea Expo” tea product quality competition begins!

July 6, 2021 No Comments CTMA News, News ctma

On June 24th, the Beijing International Tea Expo tea product quality competition was successfully held. This competition received more than 300 tea samples from exhibitors,including all kinds of traditional famous tea, as well as matcha, tea beverage, flavored tea, mandarin tea, fruit tea, etc. The experts are selected from the domestic tea production and processing, product research and development, packaging design, and marketing fields. After two days of evaluation, experts selected excellent tea products for consumers. The final results will be announced during the 2021 Beijing International Tea Expo on August 27th.

The Beijing International Tea Expo tea product quality competition has been successfully held for ten consecutive years in Beijing. A total of more than 3,000 samples were received from previous exhibitors, and more than 1,200 high-quality tea products were selected for consumers.

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