China Tea Co. Ltd Donates Tea To Leishenshan Hospital Doctors

March 29, 2020 No Comments Chinese tea industry is in action ctma

On February 21, China Tea Co. Ltd presented another 3,056 boxes of tea worth more than ¥200,000 to Leishenshan hospital. Meanwhile, it donated 3,984 boxes of black tea products worth about ¥200,000 to the medical team in wuhan, sichuan province.The workers are carrying materials

China Tea Co. Ltd has bravely undertaken social responsibilities, actively responded to the government’s call, and contributed to epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work. In order to express the respect of the staff of the time-honored state-owned enterprises to the first-line medical staff, China Tea Co. Ltd quickly deployed, actively deployed materials and manpower, and made every effort to overcome the logistics difficulties and deliver the scarce materials safely to the medical staff.

Since the outbreak, the company actively respond to calls and grasping the epidemic prevention and control, grasping a comeback for, according to the requirements of disease resistance front line staff provide health tea products, assist the epidemic prevention and control war victory, take concrete actions to realizes the social responsibility and mission of the state-owned enterprises bear, epidemic prevention and control of the war the final victory.

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