CTMA visited New Zealand and Australian tea industry

February 28, 2020 No Comments CTMA News ctma

From 28th November  to 4th December, 2019, China Tea Marketing  Association(CTMA) lead a delegation to visit New Zealand and Australia. Vice president of CTMA, Mrs. Yao Jingbo discussed some tea issues with Mr. New Zealand MPs, the China-New Zealand Trade Promotion Association, New Zealand ZEALONG Tea Company, and the Australian Tea Association, including tea planting, production, distribution, consumption, etc.. At the same time, tea trade cooperation, technological innovation and development trends were discussed and communicated.

This visit further strengthened the partnership between China, New Zealand, and Australia’s tea industry, implemented the “One Belt One Road” development initiative through the bridge of tea, promoted the traditional friendship between these three countries, and played a positive and far-reaching influence on the prosperous development of global tea industry.

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