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June 24, 2019 “Two Exhibitions and One Festival” came to an end. During the four-day exhibition period, in addition to tea exhibition and trade transactions, the Beijing Exhibition Hall and Beijing MaLianDao Tea Street also held nearly 60 highlighted, splendid and elegant tea events. As a gift to the Chinese tea industry for the 70th anniversary of the motherland’s birthday, the 2019 “Two Exhibitions and One Festival” activities have achieved the set goals and achieved complete success.

Trade and Economic Transactions Set a New Historic High

As an indicator of China and the world tea industry development, both international and authority of the tea industry exchange platform, the 2019 Beijing international tea expo exhibition area of 25000 square meters, a total of space-unit occupy more than 90%, with the government exhibition, tea enterprise brand exhibition, the international pavilion, etc., there are more than 500 scale enterprises, brand enterprises accounted for more than 97%.During the exhibition, the total passenger flow of ma liandao and Beijing exhibition hall exceeded 140,000; Among them, the exhibition site passenger flow of 80,000, the site turnover of 99.57 million yuan; Two on-site project transactions (meaning to cooperation) 953, the total transaction amount (including electronic and intended transactions) 811 million RMB.

Tea industry exhibition presents Rural Revitalization

To rural revitalization of pragmatic strategy, two show a festival insist on the strategy of “precise, industry” for poverty alleviation, sign a cooperation agreement by participating in the unit, organization, to promote a variety of ways such as BBS, makes every effort to realize tea production and sales of mutual promotion, to strengthen the poverty alleviation work of tea farmers, establish the platform transaction, display, the peasants. The “two exhibitions and one festival” of 2019 is not only a concentrated display of the anti-poverty and anti-poverty achievements of the tea industry over the years, but also a further focus on the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy after poverty alleviation, so as to make the tea industry a real long-term prosperity industry.

Brand Building Leads Industry Development

2019 “two exhibition section” organizing committee invites products, packaging, market experts, innovative launched “2019 China (spring) tea tea cluster brand alliances super item list of recommended, recommended comprehensive quality is good for consumers, market positioning, packaging design, cost-effective tea products, fresh air to lead the tea industry, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. The event was held by China’s leading brand tea enterprises and tea lovers. In addition, the 6 “Chinese tea masters (black tea, oolong tea)” released during the exhibition also caused great repercussions in and outside the industry again, forming another wave of learning of masters and craftsmen.

Cultural Inheritance Helps the Economy of Tea Industry

During the exhibition, there were also a series of activities for 10,000 small tea people to visit the grand tea exhibition, “ma lian dao cup” Chinese tea art performance competition, and cultural activities for foreign students to experience Chinese tea culture and tea charity lecture hall. These interactive activities aim to strengthen the spread of Chinese tea culture among youth, international friends and various social groups. Among them, there are far-reaching and impressive activities: first, the activities of tea people, based on the expansion of the number of tea people involved, combined with the theme of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, organically combined traditional culture education with patriotism education, and fully elaborated the spirit of tea people; Second, foreign students will be organized to participate in the Beijing international tea industry exhibition and display the tea art of “One Belt And One Road” countries along the route, so that foreign students can feel the charm of Chinese and western tea culture and at the same time improve the awareness of Chinese tea culture among foreign youth. Third, in-depth cross-straits tea exchanges will be held. After giving consumers an in-depth understanding of the quality characteristics of Taiwan tea, tea tasting will be organized to deepen mainland consumers’ understanding of tea products and tea culture in Taiwan and promote the understanding and mutual trust of compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan straits.

Cultural Integration Assists Economic and Trade Development

Foreign students not only participated in the exhibition, but also responded to the call of “One Belt And One Road” and held special activities. In the “One Belt And One Road” international tea high-end dialogue and xianyang fuzhuan tea industry summit forum, representatives from Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Kenya and other countries along the “One Belt And One Road” are specially invited to have a tea meeting, talk about tea matters and seek tea industry. Delegates to surrounding countries along the “area” of the tea and exchanges and cooperation with advice for international trade and economic cooperation of the tea industry, put forward the constructive Suggestions, to the health of the global tea industry pointed out the direction of sustainable development, and is hoping the 2019 Beijing international tea industry exhibition platform, strengthen cooperation with China and jointly promote the development of the world tea trade.

Building Friendship and Creating the Future of the Two Areas

In 2019, the government of xicheng district and the government of xianyang city will sign a friendship city agreement between the two places to further deepen exchanges and cooperation in culture, finance, science and technology, commerce, tea industry, education, tourism and cadre training, so as to continuously enhance traditional friendship and promote win-win development. Xicheng district education commission and xianyang city education bureau; Bureau of science, technology and information of xicheng district and bureau of science and technology of xianyang city; Xicheng district bureau of commerce and xianyang city bureau of commerce; Xicheng district bureau of commerce and xianyang supply and marketing cooperative; Xicheng district culture and tourism bureau and xianyang city culture and tourism bureau; Xicheng district health commission and xianyang city health commission; The xicheng district market supervision bureau and the xianyang municipal market supervision bureau signed cooperation agreements respectively to further promote the pragmatic cooperation between the two places and deepen the cooperation results in various fields.

Media attention to enhance the impact of the event

The exhibition attracted nearly 200 media reports from China Central Radio, China Central Television, China International Radio, Farmer’s Daily, China News Agency, People’s Network, Xinhua, China Network Television, Beijing Daily and Beijing Television Station, including Tea World, Fujian Television Station, Saying Tea and Mingbian. Headlines and other industry media have been stationed for special interviews for a long time. Compared with previous sessions, the number of media, the quality of reports, the speed of reports, the depth of contributions and the exposure of exhibitions have been greatly improved.
2019 “Two Exhibitions and One Festival” is the most authoritative and influential international tea industry event. It promotes high-end exchanges, cultural interaction, business cooperation, brand promotion, global tea production, new product research and development, quality improvement and other exchanges and cooperation, and promotes the common development of China and the international tea industry. And continuous progress will have a positive and far-reaching impact.

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