Wuzhou Liubao tea made its debut in Times Square, New York

February 11, 2022 No Comments Industry News, News ctma

From 24th to 26th January, on the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the publicity poster of Liubao Tea in Wuzhou city, Guangxi, China was unveiled for the first time on a large-scale LED electronic screen on broadway in Times Square, New York, USA, attracting the attention of local people. Broadway, as the most high-profile commercial core area in the world, has an average annual passenger flow of more than 40 million. Global high-end brands have spread their brand images here for a long time, and Broadway is known as one of the best windows for attracting the world’s attention.

Liubao tea is a characteristic and advantageous industry in Wuzhou city with a good foundation for development. In recent years, the market share, brand awareness and influence of Liubao tea industry have been expanding. At present, the public brand value of Liubao Tea is 3.234 billion RMB, which is one of the most powerful Chinese tea brand in 2021.

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