Fenggang County’s Tea Export Targets 200 Million US Dollars

November 19, 2021 No Comments Industry News, News ctma

As of the end of October 2021, Fenggang County has exported 3,500 tons of tea, valued at approximately US$150 million with an increase of 91% and 97% respectively. Fenggang county’s tea exports have sprinted towards the goal of US$200 million.

It is understood that the ecological tea garden in Fenggang County covers an area of 500,000 mu, with 280 tea processing and producing enterprises, with a total annual output of 60,000 tons and an output value of 5.3 billion RMB. This year, Fenggang issued the “Implementation Plan for Fenggang County to Build a Large Tea Export County”, and newly introduced 7 foreign trade enterprises with strong ability to drive the international market to Fenggang, broadening the export channels of Fenggang County’s tea, mainly exported to Myanmar, Vietnam and other countries.

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