What is the tree-shaped “Hua Juan Tea” hoarded in the reign of Emperor Jiaqing

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Recently, a “Forbidden City tree-shaped “Hua Juan Tea” collected by the Palace Museum during the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty was transported back to its birthplace, Anhua County, Hunan Province, the hometown of dark tea. “Jiaqing imperial tea” returned to its hometown, revealing the past and present lives of Anhua dark tea such as “Qian Liang Tea”.

The Forbidden City tree-shaped “Hua Juan Tea” is 27.5 cm high and 17 cm in diameter, with compact and complete tea body, clear grooves, black and golden color, and slight fragrance.

As a tribute tea entering into the Palace during the Jiaqing period, it was found by the staff of the Palace Museum when cleaning up the daily necessities of the Emperor Jiaqing in 1983. The birthplace of the Forbidden City tree-shaped “Hua Juan Tea”is Anhua County, located in the “Golden Tea belt” at 30 degrees north latitude, belonging to Xuefeng mountain area. With lush mountains, lucid rivers and thick fog, coupled with the unique moraine landform, it breeds a well-known and excellent tea variety in China – “Large leaf species of Yuntai Mountain”. The tea leaf is soft, plump with strong plasticity. It is used to make Anhua dark tea, which has special mellow aroma and health care efficacy . The Forbidden City tree-shaped “Hua Juan Tea” hoarded by Jiaqing is made of Anhua raw tea, and its quality is in line with modern “Qian Liang tea” and other Anhua dark tea.

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