Yigong tea farm: Significant in the history, Magnificent in the future

August 30, 2021 No Comments Industry News, News ctma

Founded in April 1960, Yigong tea farm started the first tea field in Tibet, which is of great significance in Tibetan and its agricultural history. However, after fulfilling its historical missions, Yigong tea farm gradually lost its aura and even got into economic predicament. In 2010, Guangdong Province responded to the call of the CPC Central Committee to support Tibet, which gave Yigong tea farm new hope. After over a decade, Yigong tea farm has undergone earth-shaking changes. Nowadays, the farm covers an area of 5055 mu (Mu : measurement unit in China,1 hectare = 15 mu). There are 2 tea processing plants, 1 breed cultivation base, 1 organic tea research center and 2 trademarks. More than 20 new types of tea products have been developed. By the end of 2020, Yigong tea farm achieved an income of 2.39 million RMB, the first profit since its establishment, and completed the task of poverty alleviation.

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