Aerial Shots of Weng ‘an Tea Garden, Guizhou Province

July 27, 2021 No Comments Industry News, News ctma

Jianzhong town is located in Weng ‘an county, Guizhou province. The average altitude is 1300 meters above sea level and the ecological environment is picturesque. The tea plantation covers an area of 5,000 acres, strictly in accordance with the European Union standards. The varieties mainly include white tea, Fuding white tea,“Golden bud”tea and green tea, among which the area of“Golden bud”tea being 500 acres, white tea being 3000 acres and green tea being 1500 acres. It is the largest “golden bud” production base in China, where the tea production are exported to European Union and other countries.

A scene from tea garden in Jianzhong town

Jianzhong town conducted its “Tea-Tour integration in Small Town”initiative in April 2016, and now there are nine tea enterprises and five farmers’ specialized cooperatives, improving its high-efficiency agriculture with mountain features via adopting multifarious industrial patterns, aiming to promote its local development of modern agriculture and rural tourism integration, and build up small towns with habitable, tourism-friendly tea boutiques. Tea industry has become its pillar industry which increases farmers’ incomes.

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