Tibet achieve “zero” breakthrough in tea export

July 7, 2021 No Comments Industry News, News ctma

In May this year, tea from the Nyingchi Yigong Tea Farm in Tibet was sent to Macao through customs clearance at Zhuhai Port in Guangdong province. Compatriots in Macao can drink good tea grown on the Tibetan Plateau thousands of miles away at home. “

Although Yigong Tea Farm is located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the Himalayas and Nyainqentanglha Mountains extend parallel from west to east. The lower part of the southeast just faces the Indian Ocean. The warm Indian Ocean current and the northern cold current meet here, brings abundant precipitation in Yigong, no severe cold in winter and no scorching heat in summer, surrounded by clouds and fog all year round, suitable for the growth of tea trees.

In March 2021, at the Linzhi Peach Blossom Tourism and Cultural Festival, Yigong Tea Farm and Sino-LAC Holding Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, and reached a cooperation in the export supply and marketing project of Yigong tea products. With the completion of the inspection and customs declaration procedures for export goods, Yigong tea boarded the train to Macao and successfully entered Macao market in May this year.

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