28 geographical indication tea products were selected into the China EU agreement on geographical indications protection List.

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The Council of the European Union made a decision on July 20th, authorizing the formal signing of the China EU agreement on geographical indications, 100 European geographical indication products in China and 100 Chinese geographical indication products in the European Union will be protected. According to the terms of the agreement, 28 tea geographical indication products were selected into the first batch of protection list. The scope of the agreement will be expanded to cover 175 additional products for each party, including 31 tea products four years later.

Chart 1: The 28 tea geographical indication products which were selected into the first batch of protection list

1 Anji White Tea
2 Anxi Tie Guan Yin
3 Huoshan Yellow Bud Tea
4 Pu’er Tea
5 Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea
6 Wuyuan Green Tea
7 Fuzhou Jasmine Tea
8 Fenggang Zinc Selenium Tea
9 Lapsang Souchong
10 Lu’an Melon-seed-shaped Tea
11 Songxi Green Tea
12 Fenghuang Single Cluster
13 Gougunao Tea
14 Mount Wuyi Da Hong Pao
15 Anhua Dark Tea
16 Hengxian Jasmine Tea
17 Pujiang Que She Tea
18 Mount Emei Tea
19 Duobei Tea
20 Fuding White Tea
21 Wuyi Rock Tea
22 Yingde Black Tea
23 Qiandao Rare Tea
24 Taishun Three Cups of Incense Tea
25 Macheng Chrysanthemum Tea
26 Yidu Black Tea
27 Guiping Xishan Tea
28 Naxi Early – Spring Tea

Chart 2: The second batch of 31 tea products which will be be protected by the agreement

1 Wujiatai Tribute Tea
2 Guizhou Green Tea
3 Jingshan Tea
4 Qintang Mao Jian Tea
5 Putuo Buddha Tea
6 Pinghe Bai Ya Qi Lan Tea
7 Baojing Golden Tea
8 Wuzhishan Black Tea
9 Beiyuan Tribute Tea
10 Yuhua Tea
11 Dongting Mountain Biluochun Tea
12 Taiping Hou Kui Tea
13 Huangshan Maofeng Tea
14 Yuexi Cuilan Tea
15 Zhenghe White Tea
16 Songxi Black Tea
17 Fuliang Tea
18 Rizhao Green Tea
19 Chibi Qing Brick Tea
20 Yingshan Cloud and Mist Tea
21 Xiangyang High-Aroma Tea
22 Guzhang Maojian Tea
23 Liu Pao Tea
24 Lingyun Pekoe Tea
25 Guliao Tea
26 Mingding Mountain Tea
27 Duyun Maojian Tea
28 Menghai Tea
29 Ziyang Se-enriched Tea
30 Jingyang Brick Tea
31 Hanzhong Xianhao Tea

The agreement will provide a high level of protection for geographical indication products of both sides, effectively prevent fake geographical indication products, and provide a strong guarantee for Chinese tea products entering the EU market and enhancing the popularity of the Chineses tea. According to the terms of agreement, Chinese relevant products have the right to use the official European Union certification mark, which is conducive to the recognition of EU consumers and further promotes the export of Chinese tea to Europe.

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