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April 9, 2018 No Comments Data Elizabeth Dobos

Sanpellegrino Introduces Two New Sparkling Iced Teas

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Nestle Waters-owned has added its first organic beverages to its collection of sparkling drinks in Canada in the form of two new carbonated ready-to-drink teas.

Sanpellegrino introduced the universally popular iced tea flavors of lemon and peach to its repertoire. The Sanpellegrino + Tea beverages are formulated with organic tea extract, real fruit juice and cane sugar.

The new teas are free of artificial sweeteners, colors and preservatives and each 250ml can contains 50 calories per serving.


“Sanpellegrino’s extensive growth and innovation showcases its leadership in the sparkling water category,” said Jennifer Semley Robert, marketing manager, International Brands, Nestlé Waters Canada in a company . “They’re continually setting the industry standard of excellence and reinvention with their modern and unique take on an Italian classic.”

Matchaah Holdings Inc. Launches Carbonated Matcha

Photo credit: matchaah.com

In March, Matchaah Holdings Inc. released a first-to-market carbonated ready-to-drink matcha tea called . SoMATCHAAH! is made with premium Japanese matcha tea, carbonated water and natural flavors.

Matchaah Holdings’ release coincides with the consumer demand for functional beverages. Matcha is noted for its wealth of antioxidants and continues to grow in popularity. Ready-to-drink teas are also experiencing a high rate of growth.

“It’s not hard to see the scale or pace of the opportunity,” said Paul Henson, chief executive officer, Matchaah Holdings Inc. in a company . “Just look at how beverage offerings have changed in convenience stores in the last two years. They’re selling $3.00 premium beverages that previously you’d only find in health food stores. Grocery stores are dedicating multiple floor and shelf space locations to flavored sparkling waters. Functional beverages, ‘new age’ beverages, readyto-drink teas—all of these categories are exploding—and it’s being driven by consumers who are demanding natural drinks that taste great but which also deliver real health benefits.”

In addition to antioxidants, SoMATCHAAH! offers L-theanine and natural caffeine, which induce a calm alertness.

SoMATCHAAH! is available in four fruit flavors: Raspberry, Lime-Mint, Mango and Pineapple-Coconut.

SoMATCHAAH! is currently available for wholesale purchase through United Natural Foods. It will also be available through DPI specialty foods this month and through VMC, a large wholesale grocery distributor, soon.



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