Online Tool for Tea Enthusiasts Launches

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Tea Informatics, a Cincinnati-based software developer focused on creating tea-themed mobile solutions, has launched a website to help tea drinkers discover and prepare teas with greater nuance.

The  is optimized for mobile viewing and offers a comprehensive list of teas from around the world that is growing daily.


Members can search and select specific teas to discover the ideal brewing temperatures and steep times. The site contains a timer to alert tea drinkers when their tea is properly steeped.

A mobile app is planned with additional features that will enhance the tea drinking experience, according to co-founder Chris Giddings.

“Soon we’ll be expanding that functionality with ratings and comments on teas, the ability to run timers on mobile devices, and more data on each tea,” said Giddings, author of the blog.    

“Teaity started as a concept during my visit to the 2009 World Tea Expo in Las Vegas,” explains Giddings. “I noticed plenty of people with smart phones, but none were doing anything tea specific during the show. I felt an opportunity had to exist,” he said.

Teaity is a new way to expand your “Tea-Q”, according to Giddings whose partners David Krikorian and Nathan Bailey bring together an eclectic blend of backgrounds, from IT to the financial sector to parody playing cards. All three share a love of tea which has evolved to this newest tea themed website. “Teaity is dedicated to providing tools and resources to convert tea drinkers into educated tea enthusiasts,” said Giddings.

The site launched in October and is undergoing public beta testing.

To learn more, visit

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